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Please think of us as your sober concierges.

Are you rocking a lifestyle without alcohol? The Sober Curator is your ultimate resource for all things related to recovery and zero-proof living. With a team of passionate volunteers at the helm, we are on a mission to curate, review, and contribute only the best content related to living a sober lifestyle.

We won’t preach to you about the “right” way to get sober. Instead, we are here to serve as your personal concierge for life without alcohol. As your sober concierge, we understand the importance of staying entertained and informed while on the journey to sobriety, whether you’re new or in long-term recovery. That’s why we curate, review, and contribute fun and interesting content ranging from the hottest podcasts and books to the latest fashion and music trends.

At The Sober Curator, we strive to show that sobriety doesn’t have to be dull or restrictive. #sobernotboring Our commitment to providing exciting and informative content is designed to help you stay inspired, motivated, and engaged in your journey to a sober lifestyle.

Join the revolution of those who recover out loud and discover the latest sober travel, events, merch, and more with The Sober Curator. With us by your side, you’ll have access to a world of possibilities for a vibrant and fulfilling life without the influence of alcohol. Getting sober is hard enough; finding great sober content shouldn’t be.